Dale Harvey


15 years ago the Internet sparked my interest in computing; ever since then I have developed a passion for the Open Web and its ability to transform peoples lives.

I love usable software, beautiful design, open source, photography, music,
football and outdoor activities.


Developer, Mozilla

2012 - Current
  • Develop the front end of Firefox OS, working on the Camera, Gallery, Browser and System.
  • Work on supporting Gecko bugs, gained L1 commit access
  • Javascript, C++

Developer, Couchbase

2011 - 2012
  • Responsible for initial release of Android Couchbase
  • Worked on server side cluster manager and management UI
  • Erlang, Javascript, Python

Czar of HTML5 and Erlang, CouchOne

2010 - 2011
  • Responsible for extending the CouchDB platform for Mobile and Web developers
  • Java, Obj-C, Erlang, Javascript and HTML5

Co-Founder, Hypernumbers

2007 - 2010
  • One of the 6 teams funded by Seedcamp among several hundred applicants
  • Responsible for all parts of the business operations, from customer development to software development
  • Part of a team of 3 who developed a fully functional online spreadsheet
  • Erlang and Javascript + HTML5

Programmer, G2G3

2006 - 2007
  • Developed computer simulations and games used for ITIL training
  • C# and MSSQL

Co-Founder, Vixo

2005 - 2007
  • Responsible for the design and development of an experimental SMS based social network
  • Erlang

Programmer, Inkscape + Google Summer of Code

2006 - 2007
  • Sponsored by Google as part of their summer of code project to develop a protocol and implement multi-user functionality within Inkscape
  • Collaborate on development with a large number of programmers (58 currently listed)
  • C++, GTK and the XMPP protocol

Web Developer and Open Source


Erlang, Python(Django), Ruby, Javascript, CouchDB

  • arandomurl.com - blog and projects including html5 games, featured on wired.com
  • erldocs.com - A popular replacement for the erlang documentation
  • pastebin.me - Tool to help web developers collaborate on debugging code
  • upmock.com - A side project to build the ultimate web design tool
  • yayhooray.net - A popular community for designers and developers
  • Various patches and bug reports to open source products such as CouchDB, Erlang/OTP, Ejabberd and Inkscape
  • Various smaller applications and libraries, All available at github.com/daleharvey



I help organise these events to get the web community together in Scotland:

  • TechMeetup.co.uk - A monthly meetup for people in the local tech community, with between 200 and 300 attendees per month
  • WhiskyWeb.co.uk - A conference for web developers being held in Edinburgh


  • Berlin Buzzwords, Germany
  • Android Only, Sweden
  • Erlang User Conference, Sweden
  • CouchConf, India


Heriot Watt University

2001 - 2005 2:1(Hons) BSc in Computer Science

Madras College

1995 - 2001 7 Standard Grades
4 Highers (A in Computing, B in Physics, Maths and Business Management)
1 Advanced Higher (A in Computing)


General Programming SVN / GIT / Version Control
Test Driven Development
Automated testing and deployment
Experience with functional, imperative and object orientated programming Erlang
JavaScript / Node.js
Java / C++
Experience in most aspects of web development and design. HTML(5) / CSS / JavaScript
Inkscape / Photoshop
Experience with relational databases and non relational data stores MySQL