Artificial intelligence has studied the reports that have been submitted regarding climate change and analyzed the data and information provided to conclude on the current state of our society. There is no point in denying that climate change is real, and it can be felt now, as people experience several inexplicable events on the planet.

Planet Earth was seen in a previous study to have reduced its brightness, and while this may sound like a joke, it is not and is a negative connotation of the current state of the environment.

Several alternative energy sources are now the focus of the world’s attention to tackle climate change, including solar, wind and hydroelectric power, which is now proving cheaper than fuel.

Artificial intelligence and climate change

Artificial intelligence has now discovered the severity of climate change and the state of Earth’s environment, and it’s only focusing on one thing: it’s badly damaged. Earth has been through a lot in the past billion years, but right now it is suffering, especially from the continued disregard for the environment.

A study published in Nature entitled “Machine-learning-based evidence and attribution mapping of 100,000 climate impact studies” published on October 11 published its findings. The AI ​​did not investigate or analyze the Earth directly, but the various reports that have been submitted on it.

The more than 100,000 studies of Earth’s climate impact reports have been analyzed and this machine learning AI has uncovered the current state of the climate. The sad truth is that it is massively affected by climate change, and these reports have all pointed to the state of the planet’s climate which has a direct effect on the environment.

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How damaged is the Earth?

The Earth is deeply damaged, and many people know it. Even without the studies and indicators that are being said by researchers, the effects of continued human consumption and waste have severely affected the environment, and this has prompted many to be advocates and hope for a lifestyle change for save the planet.

It is important to note that the movement against harmful pollutants and factors that damage the environment is not wasted. All actions count, and even if they are small, they still contribute to the repair and preservation of the planet.

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