A west London council has canceled Bonfire Night fireworks in a bid to please neighbors and help the environment.

Hammersmith and Fulham council have revealed they will not be holding a fireworks display this year as plans are underway for a laser show to take its place in 2023.

The usual local authority displays in Ravenscourt Park and Bishops Park will not take place this year, with people encouraged to celebrate by cooking or buying glow sticks instead.

A statement on the council’s website said: ‘We hope to be back next year with a fantastic new laser light display. This will not only be less inconvenient for neighbors, but also more environmentally friendly.

“We thank you for your patience as we develop this major new event.

“If you plan to celebrate with fireworks this bonfire night, please do so safely and with courtesy to your neighbors. London firefighters have suggested other ways to celebrate at home, with ideas including making your own Guy Fawkes and bonfire crafts, decorating the house, buying glow sticks for the children and the preparation of treats for the bonfire.

Hammersmith and Fulham aren’t the only UK council to scrap their fireworks this year. Nottingham’s Bonfire Night event has been canceled due to the cost of living crisis, the local council has said.

Meanwhile, the annual exhibition in Southwark Park was recently scrapped in a nod to the ‘climate emergency’. Southwark Council Cabinet boss Joseph Brown said it would be “very difficult” to hold a carbon-neutral event this year.

Bonfire celebrations in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Hackney have also been canceled this year, with many councils blaming rising costs and budget pressures.

But many events are still planned in London, including pyrotechnics at Wimbledon Park, fireworks at Morden Park and a huge exhibition at Battersea Park.

We asked Hammersmith and Fulham Council whether its fireworks had been removed to save money or help the environment. The local authority refused to explain.

Top pictured: A previous fireworks display at Ravenscourt Park (Photo Hamersmith and Fulham Council)

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