BUMooN.io, an Indonesian blockchain, IoT and AI company, is working with Wastelab Indonesia and Sampangan.id to help solve environmental issues in support of the government.

The cooperation of three environmental and sustainability management companies in response to SOE Minister Erick Thohir challenged them to become one of Indonesia’s top 50 startups.

As stated by Happy Murdianto, co-founder of BUMooN.io, this cooperation will help manage waste extraction. BUMooN.io will help the government to keep the earth’s temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030. Earlier, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said cutting CO2 emissions would cost $ 364 billions of dollars. The financial gap led to the proposal of a multi-stakeholder partnership.

BUMooN.io responds by combining donation and investment (“donation”). The business model is supposed to deliver more excellent value in terms of economic income to members by focusing on real world environmental issues.

BUMooN.io was created by Indonesian engineers, according to BUMooN.io CMO Happy Murdianto. They’ve made a crypto breakthrough with a simple concept that tackles global warming. Happy expects BUMooN’s ‘donation investment’ business model to set a new trend in line with the UNFCCC goal.

Happy added that by signing the agreement, the two sides aim to contribute positively to Indonesia and develop the network with the help of the Ministry of Public Enterprises.

BUMooN.io founder Ryan Putra said:

“Global warming can represent a huge risk for the future. Are we ready to face an 18% drop in global GDP if we fail to keep the global temperature increase below 1.5 degrees Celsius in 2030? ”

Sampangan.id co-founder Muhammad Fauzal Rizki said his party would turn all garbage into goods with market value. Sampangan.id has a Magic Box that can handle any waste without leaving any residue.

Salvira Milano Zen, co-founder of Wastelab Indonesia, said Wastelab Indonesia will help classify and treat plastic waste. Salvira says the plastic waste problem is not unique to Indonesia. He mentioned that Wastelab Indonesia is there to help fight plastic waste.

Key developments

The startup is ready to develop middleware for energy as a service and software as a service. It saves energy by becoming a legal company that offers services or mediates, for example solar panels, waste recycling and carbon trading. The startup has an Eco-living token, BUMooN.io, which is also part of the startup’s portfolio by leveraging renewable resources.

LBank has completed the registration process. And that is choosing another Exchange that will register according to the current plan or perhaps faster. Certik has completed the audit process, and is now authorized to proceed to the next step. The BUMooN.io Bekasi hub is under construction and will be operational shortly.

The project currently involves clearing land, building fences and relocating the Sampangan.id hub from Bogor to Bekasi. The Garbage Mining method in each region is under development and will be applied to the Boo!

Phase 1 of the Boo app is available in beta. It is ready for the Play Store but will be released with the iOS version in the AppStore. Apple is currently reviewing the iOS process. Boo! will be released simultaneously and will take some time to debut.

The BUMooN.io token reward procedure for solar panel users is under technical discussion between the system controlled by SolarKita.com and the BUMooN.io team. CARBooN is the process of collecting carbon footprint data with strategic partners and was carried out in collaboration with partners.

BUMO²N is organizing another tree planting event for October and could invite BooMIES. AchivementMagz has recognized its marketing efforts as the Best Utility Eco Token (Highly Recommended). He will continue to promote both internationally and locally to gain greater exposure and attract investors.

BUMN – One of LBank’s Top 10 Voting Projects

LBank launched a poll from October 11-18 in its official Telegram community (https://t.me/LBank_en).

LBank vote calculation rules:

  • Community votes represent 30%
  • Deposit votes represent 30%
  • Votes on transactions represent 40%

Price for all

  1. Winners selected from the most voted project who deposit or exchange:

TOP 3 users:

Top 1.Iphone 13 Pro MAX + IWATCH + iPad mini??256G $ 1199 + $ 399 + $ 499
Top 2.Iphone 13 Pro (256G $ 1099)
Top 3. Ipad mini ($ 499)

The rest of the users earn $ 1 – $ 14 + (More users deposit or trade, more jackpot !!!)

  1. The 9 other project participants can earn the Staking bonus.

Contact details:
LBK Blockchain Co. Limited
Bank exchange
[email protected]

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