Local authorities have called the massive oil spill off the California coast an environmental disaster. They created an oil slick that covered nearly 13 square miles of the Pacific Ocean. It has contaminated wetlands and has taken a heavy toll on marine life. Dead fish washed up on the beaches and there were birds mired in oil. The US Coast Guard has launched a cleanup operation and authorities are investigating how the spill occurred. It seems that nearly 3,000 barrels of oil have leaked into the waters. Kim Carr, the mayor of Huntington Beach, revealed the details during his media interaction.

In his own words, it was a “potential ecological disaster”. Huntington Beach is a city located south of Los Angeles.

The probable reason for the oil spill was a breach associated with the oil rig. The worst part is that it has affected a large area which is a popular travel destination. Surfers and bathers usually frequent it, and they should forget about it for days or even months.

California has announced the closure of fishing in areas affected by the spill

A fishing closure will be in place for coastal areas of California affected by the oil spill. The closure would be from Huntington Beach to Dana Point. It would extend up to six miles off coastal points for the offshore area. The mayor of Huntington Beach wants those responsible for this environmental disaster to take the necessary measures.

Reuters adds that officials shut down the pipeline and sucked up the remaining oil. Divers and experts were trying to find out more about the oil spill.

Declining oil production off the coast of California

There have already been cases of oil spills in the region. In 1969, this happened off Santa Barbara when 80,000 barrels were thrown into the ocean.

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Later, in 2015, another spill in the same area sent nearly 2,400 barrels into the Pacific. These have led to restrictions on oil drilling in the state. As a result, there is a drop in oil production off the coast of California. Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom wants to end this practice in the state by 2045. Oceana is an ocean conservation group.

He is also interested in ending offshore drilling for oil and gas. Problems such as oil spills from offshore installations endanger the environment and have a direct impact on the ecological balance. In addition, the world wants to slow down global warming and promote alternatives to fossil fuels. Therefore, oil extraction should be phased out.

Oil spill off California coast threatens endangered species

Part of the California coast poses a threat to endangered species due to a major oil spill. These species include humpback whales and a bird called a snow plover. The spill left birds and dead fish strewn across the sand. Rescue teams were looking for other animals injured by the oil.

An Orange County official said the oil damaged the Talbert Marsh Ecological Reserve. It appears that a leak in an undersea pipeline led to the spill. As a result, three offshore platforms closed. Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr warns affected beaches could remain closed for a long time. A local resident posted a relevant question. He was curious if oil drilling was a good idea so close to some of Southern California’s best beaches.


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