World Voyager class ships consume 10% less fuel thanks to the work of TecnoVeritas

With the introduction of new environmental regulations by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) under MARPOL Annex VI, Mystic Cruises engaged marine engineering firm TecnoVeritas in November to upgrade its four World Class ships. Travel and ensure they comply with the stricter requirements. currently placed on ships.

TecnoVeritas has made the World Voyager class compliant with IMO Tier III emission levels by reducing fuel consumption by 10% and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 80%, helping to make cruises aboard ships more environmentally friendly.

In addition, vessel upgrades will bring them into line with the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Index for Existing Vessels, which measures a vessel’s efficiency against a benchmark standard, and the Energy Efficiency Indicator. carbon intensity, which determines the annual reduction needed to ensure continuous improvement of the vessel’s operational carbon intensity within a specific rating level ranging from A to E.

Mystic Cruises’ shipboard work has anticipated compliance with the implementation of these regulations by years, driving the transformation of the cruise industry. Advanced remote monitoring systems installed allow real-time monitoring and optimization of fuel consumption and emissions.

The cruise line has also implemented the BOEM platform developed by TecnoVeritas on board World Voyager class ships. BOEM is a cloud and naval platform connecting the shore and vessels in real time, providing services for technical management, vessel performance, voyage optimization, crew management, reports and documents, purchase, ticket management and dry-docking. The platform can interface with most accounting software, allowing it to integrate with existing systems.

Thanks to upgrades provided by TecnoVeritas, World Voyager class ships now achieve significant fuel and emissions savings. Ships navigate easier and faster, allowing customers to visit highly sensitive areas such as Antarctica with less environmental impact.

This article first appeared in the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Review of cruises and ferries. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

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