Power and cooling equipment at an Iron Mountain data center in Manassas, Virginia. (Photo: Rich Miller)

When you think of sustainability and environmental responsibility, data centers don’t always come to mind. They consume a huge amount of energy. And as the demand for these institutions continues to grow, so does the need for energy.

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For many businesses, especially in a world and amidst a public increasingly concerned about climate change and associated natural disasters, a new report from Iron Mountain indicates that these growing energy needs may be a handicap – especially for companies that are data dense, and / or derive a lot of value from their data storage, findings and related reports.

As we move towards a more sustainable future, ignoring the environmental impact is simply not an option and comes with risks. According to Iron Mountain, “This is especially true in the data center industry. “

But that’s not all bad news. The report says that if they are ready to take a few steps, data center decision makers can use their energy purchasing power to move the data center and data center industry forward towards a more sustainable future. .

Green energy isn’t just good for the planet, it makes good business sense. – Iron Mountain

In particular, the new report explores three key questions these decision makers should ask your data center vendor, explained in detail in the new white paper.

Do you publicly declare your carbon footprint and energy consumption? Transparency is the key here. “If they know their carbon footprint and disclose their environmental impacts, they’re probably doing a lot of things right,” Iron Mountain said. “Putting real data in the public domain is a key differentiator between a good green conversation lead and real accountability.”

Are you using renewable energies to power your data centers? Iron Mountain shares yousinging about green energy to offset energy consumption “will go a long way in achieving your sustainability goals.” And today, renewables can often be the cheapest option.

Can we get credit for your green power? Finally, data center decision makers should see if their business can reap a profit if your data center vendor uses renewable energy. For example, the Iron Mountain Green Power Pass is a data center renewable energy solution that gives customers the ability to include the energy they consume in any Iron Mountain data center. as green energy in their CDP, RE100, GRI or other sustainability report, the white paper explains.

Ultimately, making good choices about energy supply can help save money, reduce risk, and contribute to solutions to today’s environmental and social responsibility challenges.

Download the full report, “3 questions to ask your data center about environmental and social responsibility” Courtesy of Iron Mountain, to further explore how to turn a potential sustainability liability into an opportunity for your organization and deepen the discussion of environmental liability in the expanding world of big data.

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