The Lagos State government has said there is a need to review methods of dealing with environmental issues in the state.

Environment and Water Resources Commissioner Tunji Bello, according to a statement released Thursday, made the appeal during the 2021 management retreat of the Office of Environmental Services in Lekki.

He said: “We need to review how we have worked and responded to environmental issues over the years and how we can approach issues with different values. Lagos is short of manpower compared to the continuous increase in population and that is why we must open the doors of partnership and commitment.

Bello added that the state would renew environmental structures through effective management practices.

“We have found that the only way to stop people from being a nuisance under bridges is to use the local boys from that area, who are part of the environment and it has been successful as we engage them, let’s pay and cover them with the law. enforcement agents. We have extended the idea to the Abule-Egba sub-bridge and we are considering other places like Ajah, ”he added.

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