Microsoft intends to help businesses that need help implementing their sustainability initiatives. As the tech giant continues its efforts to reduce its environmental impact, it takes what it knows and gives it to everyone in the form of a cloud package that businesses can use to track the progress of their own. initiatives.

The package is designed to help companies track their carbon footprint and resource use, as well as provide information on how best to meet their environmental goals. Here’s how the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability package can help businesses, according to its announcement:

  • CIOs will easily be able to report IT carbon emissions from the cloud, devices and applications as part of their department’s environmental footprint. They will then be able to connect their emissions data sources into a single view for reporting.
  • Companies will be able to offer their customers a sustainability scorecard to track progress against their carbon reduction targets, including Scope 1 to Scope 3 (i.e. Scope 1 to 3) emissions.
  • Customers will be able to identify specific emission zones and track whether they are meeting their emission reduction targets.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is not just a tracking resource; it provides software as a service (SaaS) components that will enable customers to collect information, speed up data integration, ensure accuracy of reported numbers, and more. Microsoft says all of the aforementioned are just a few scenarios and examples highlighting the usefulness of its latest cloud package, hinting that it offers other benefits that sustainability-conscious businesses can reap.

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