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The debate over unlimited insurance coverage in the event of an oil spill ignores the common ground where cooperation between the two main parties is feasible. The discussion should consider what is possible and be based on estimates of the cost of such coverage with their impact on the financial models of the projects undertaken. Only an informed discussion will allow the National Assembly to improve the coverage necessary to protect the financial gains of the oil sector.

Companies like Exxon know what is needed and required to continue doing business in an environmentally responsible way. Case studies of the worst oil spills in the history of our planet will inform the National Assembly of the protective measures put in place to allow environmentally responsible and profitable oil extraction. As a nation that is part of the Amazon and the Guiana Shield, we must ensure that those operating in the oil sector use the best safeguards to protect our environment. A substantial financial penalty and excellent insurance coverage will help ensure that our suppliers significantly reduce the risk of their oil extraction operations.


jamil changlee


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