LAHORE – Pakistan Businesses Forum (PBF) Vice Chairman Ahmad Jawad has expressed deep concern over environmental issues that emerge as a danger to Pakistan’s security, and called for comprehensive measures to overcome the effects of the global warming and other issues related to rapidly changing weather conditions. Speaking to the media here on Sunday, he added that glacial lakes, floods, heat waves, environmental degradation, water erosion and extreme weather were among the major issues facing Pakistan. . Ahmad Jawad cited that according to a World Bank report, climate-induced disasters caused 4-6% of Pakistan’s GDP, which was a huge sum that needed to be preserved through timely interventions. He observed that the developed world has ignored developing countries, including Pakistan, which also bears the burden of their environmentally damaging development. He said mass plantings have become essential to deal with the devastating effects of global warming. Pakistan also needs to focus on energy transition towards a clean energy mix, he suggested and urged the Ministry of Climate Change to recommend adaptation measures at the national level and also launch a mass awareness campaign. in this regard. Ahmad Jawad added that the Ministry of Climate Change and relevant departments should work with the business sector to switch to renewable green energy alternatives. He said, “We are accelerating our efforts to design a comprehensive communication method and precautionary mitigation measures to address environmental challenges.” The PBF Vice President urged provincial governments to play their part in saving water for agriculture, in addition to converting this vital sector to modern irrigation methods such as drip and sprinkler irrigation.

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