The recent State of the Environment Report exposes the dire conditions of Australia’s environment and the continuing threats of development and climate change. This roundtable will explore the political, economic and legal paths that have brought us here – and the creative ways to move forward for environmental protection.

Our experts will come back to the various political, economic and ideological constraints that have brought us to this current “state of the environment”. Focusing on current limits, we will examine the deliberate construction of inadequate policies and funding, the criminalization of protest, and the understanding of “liability” that actually protects perpetrators of environmental harm.

Fundamentally, we will then look forward to creative ways to reshape conceptual, political and economic relationships – with each other and with the environment – ​​as a necessary response to the state of the environment report. This includes ideas for a just transition to sustainability that balances strong environmental protections with productive economic policy, notions of responsibility that expand the concept beyond just humans, and the role of First Nations perspectives on care. , the connection and place so crucial to human/ environmental relations in Australia.

This event was presented online on Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

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