TWO local artists, Helena Hunter and Mark Wright, both alumni of Stokesley School, have formed a company called Matterlurgy, which raises awareness of environmental issues through films, sounds and poetic texts.

Used to presenting live events across the globe, their work is now showcased online during the pandemic.

While researching their project, Sensitives Stream, Matterlurgy worked with Professors Philip Warren and Lorraine Maltby, Environmental Scientists, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield to understand how river ecosystems are studied. . Topics relating to artistic and scientific methods, data production and analysis, as well as industrial pasts and chemical futures, are articulated throughout the site.

It is a deeply beautiful and magical piece mixing film, poetry and sound, plunging you into the river and its flow.

The site offers three distinct routes. You are invited to (1) dive into the river with two organisms, the sand fly larva and the mud worm; (2) stream with a collection of text scores; and (3) linger while listening to audio chapters on the interdisciplinary fieldwork process. The project reveals that river organisms are both sensitive indicators of change and actors in the creation of the world who exercise senses and knowledge in a way that transcends humans.

The project highlights the importance of organisms living in rivers and how their presence or absence indicates larger stories in relation to ecosystems, environmental stress and human activity. Located along the Calder River and Aire waterways in Castleford, West Yorkshire, the website showcases the materials from the residence in the form of an online encounter, combining elements of fieldwork on site and from a distance, aquatic media and critical poetics.

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