President Joe Biden neglected to mention the rampant homelessness plaguing Seattle when speaking about Earth Day during his visit to the liberal city on Friday.

“Whenever I get a little down…I just turn on the TV or watch all the young people,” Biden said at Seward Park, according to ABC News. “They’re really, really energized, whether it’s basic human rights or the environment.” Homelessness in Seattle has worsened, spawning homeless camps littered with human waste, drugs and crime, according to the Washington Policy Center.

“Seattle has one of the worst homelessness problems of any major city in the United States,” wrote the Washington Policy Center. “Walk through virtually any downtown street or many of the neighborhood’s business districts, or stop in most metro area parks and you’ll find people living in unconventional situations surrounded by ‘garbage, human waste and needles.’

Republican Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers criticized Biden’s failure to address growing homelessness and drug problems in a letter obtained by The Center Square on Thursday, asking the president to see how failed policies have ruined the city.

“If you do, you’ll see how homelessness has taken over with tent cities springing up everywhere, serving as ground zero for drug addiction and violent crime; devastating community safety and the ability of small businesses to stay open,” McMorris wrote in The Center Square.

“Since you took office, violent crime has increased across the country, including 20% ​​in Seattle and 10% in Spokane,” McMorris wrote. “Last month, two Washington state law enforcement officers were fatally shot in the line of duty.”

The proliferation of homeless camps across the city has caused parents and children to avoid parks where they once enjoyed various outdoor activities, Fox 13 Seattle reported. Parks are now littered with tents for the homeless, a source of violence and drug abuse.

Meanwhile, the city’s sidewalks have been completely converted into homeless camps with tents as the city searches for alternative places to house the homeless, KOMO News reported. (RELATED: Toxic…

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