UNEP is a global environmental authority headquartered in Nairobi. [File, Standard]

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) celebrates its 50th anniversary this week amid an accelerating climate crisis caused by global warming. Double [email protected]the commemoration in Gigiri, Nairobi saw more than 400 environmental delegates from around the world travel to the country to deliberate on what UNEP Executive Director Inger Andersen calls “the here-and-now environmental emergency”.

Issues to be addressed, according to a draft of the 8th Annual Meeting of the UNEP Committee of Permanent Representatives Sub-Committee, include plastic pollution, green recovery, climate adaptation, nitrogen pollution, governance of mineral resources, biodiversity loss and health.

Of the above, climate change, pollution and the impending extinction of a million species, Andersen said, are the “triple planetary crisis” that threatens to undermine all life on earth.

The committee oversees the implementation of UNEP programs in addition to preparations for the fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA 5-2), the world’s highest decision-making body on environmental issues. environment, which is being held today.

UNEp’s 50th anniversary, between March 3-4, will be an important time to “elevate and strengthen UNEp, Andersen said, enabling it to play an even greater role in the fight against climate change, pollution and the imminent extinction of a million species”. .”

In a statement, officials noted that [email protected] was a time of reflecting on the past and anticipating the future because no country or continent can solve these global crises alone, but everyone has a crucial role to play in protecting the planet and its people.

UNEP was founded in 1972 to monitor the state of the environment, inform policy-making through science, and coordinate responses to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

To mark the UNEp’s 50th anniversary, a series of activities and outreach events are taking place throughout the year under the [email protected] banner and the overall theme of “Strengthening UNEP for the implementation of the environmental dimension of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

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