Over the years, K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher have established their fondness for all things horror and dark fantasy, gaining authority in the sphere. However, in their latest comeback “House,” the septet ditched their dark fantasy roots to show the true horror lurking in our backyard.

Written by LEEZ and Ollounder, “Maison” embodies the band’s famous sound identity with its rock influences and distorted bass, synthesizing a powerful and electric soundscape. Lead the band’s second album APOCALYPSE: SAVE US, “House” comes two years after the release of their Dystopia: the language tree and about nine months after their EP Summer holidays.

Discussing the ecological disaster and environmental crisis currently facing the global community, “Maison” (or “home” in French) shines a light on the crumbling reality of the planet. The track directly appeals to those who have turned a blind eye to environmental catastrophe and who have consciously (or unconsciously) become part of the vicious cycle that is damaging the planet – “Is it weirdly hot?/The laws of this planet / He acts like it’s drying up / It’s the same as your conscience (Hoo).

The chorus appeals directly to the masses, making a desperate plea for immediate action as members Gahyeon and SuA sing, “Save my home in the ocean/ Save my home in the desert/ Protect me, my home/ S’ please someone fight for us. While K-pop has never turned a blind eye to social issues, Dreamcatcher may be one of the first bands of the genre to use their influence and artistry to discuss the environmental crisis to such an extent. ; a distinctive creative appeal, especially in an industry where the majority of girl groups embody themes of sweet romance, self-love and confidence.

In true Dreamcatcher fashion, the clip spins the wheel of its narrative feelings to present the story of seven women in a post-apocalyptic world, who play the role of saviors. The video opens with a wide-angle shot of a world overwhelmed by environmental catastrophe. To save Earth and its limited resources, the women of Dreamcatcher open a portal in the sky, transporting themselves from a heavenly location (loosely resembling a fictional description of heaven) to Ground Zero.

The act’s second album marks the start of the “Apocalypse” trilogy. The 14-track LP also includes seven solo tracks, where each member contributed songwriting. The group is also set to perform at Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 in June, becoming the first K-Pop group to do so.

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