19, Nov, 2020
 What are the requirements to apply for a payday loan?

 What are the requirements to apply for a payday loan?

Requirements to apply for a payday loan

Requirements to apply for a personal loan

Although each loan will have particular conditions and characteristics, there are a number of requirements to apply for a payday loan that are common in most bank entities and credits.

Here are the requirements to request a most common payday loan among all Argentine banking entities:

1. Be of legal age: in some cases a maximum age is also established to request credit. Usually that maximum age is between 70 and 75 years.

2. Be an Argentine or resident with an ID: it is necessary to prove that you have an Argentine nationality or that you are resident in the country through an official document.

3. Be free of debts: banks will check your credit situation and if you find yourself in debt or reported to a risk center like Veraz. Therefore, it is important that you check if your name is at the risk center, and if so, do the necessary procedures to leave.

4. Have stable provable income: another requirement to apply for a payday loan is that you can prove your monthly income. You can credit them through your salary receipts, a pension or your billing if you are autonomous.

5. In some credits they can request a guarantee of payment or guarantee: some entities may request that you provide a guarantee for the credit, but this is not a requirement to request a payday loan that you have to fulfill in all banks. The guarantee of payment can be a property or a close person that is your guarantor of the credit.

If you meet these requirements to apply for a payday loan, the chances of a banking entity accepting your application will be greater but the decision will always depend on the bank’s study on your profile and the characteristics of each credit.

How do I apply for a payday loan?

How do I apply for a personal loan?

Now that you know what are the requirements to apply for a payday loan, we tell you how you can apply for it in the easiest, safest and fastest way. You can apply for a loan online through Becky Thatcher Argentina by following these steps:

1. Fill out the payday loan application: you have to fill it with your personal data and with the amount of the credit you want to request.

2. We will study your credit profile and your needs: through your request we will analyze your situation in a personalized way and send you all the information of the entities that can help you.

3. You choose the loan you want: you can analyze which entity best suits what you want to apply for the loan with it. Without any commitment and totally free.

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