19, Nov, 2020
When should I take a sms loan?

When should I take a sms loan?


There is probably no way to get money as fast and reliable as using quick loans. In just a few minutes you can get thousands of dollars directly into the account, without any security requirements. The question is just when should you borrow money?

Quick loans are not something you should do without thought as you have to be sure that you will be able to repay the debt on time. You should also think about whether you really need money right now or if you can wait a few months until you have saved enough money. Here we give you a list of different situations where it can be good or bad to take a quick loan.

Emergency cases – a definite yes


Sometimes you really have to have the money at once. In these cases, quick loans can be someone you simply have to take. In these cases, the question instead becomes: How much should I borrow? The answer is simply: No more than you need. It can be easy to take out a loan of 10,000 when but really only need 5000. Remember that the money has to be repaid, and if it is urgent with money this month it can mean that money will be next month. Having twice as much debt than you should have makes a bad situation worse.

Examples of emergency situations:


Having somewhere to live is a human need. In Maslov’s need tap, housing is the second most important step, behind food, water, air and sex. It can be quite understandable to have to take out a quick loan in order not to be sent out on the street.


The body is one of the most important resource we humans have. You never know when an accident can occur and despite the health insurance and free health care here in Sweden, the healing process is never free. Without saving money, you may have to take a quick loan to cope until you get well.

Investments – Calculate the pros and cons

Investments - Calculate the pros and cons

Investing money is almost always a good choice. Investing can be seen as sacrificing money now to get more money then. That is the opposite of loans, where you get money you by sacrificing money in the future. Therefore, taking out a loan to make an investment can be a shaky business. The question is whether the investment is profitable enough to offset interest costs on the loan.

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Examples of investments:

Car and transport

Could it be that a car is necessary for a current or potential job? Then it may be worth taking a quick loan that gives you the opportunity to get a profitable income. However, it is worth considering if it is possible to use a bicycle or public transport instead of buying or repairing your car. Cycling is not only cheaper, but also much healthier for both you and nature.


Educating is something everyone should do and it is something that it is never too late to do. An education does not have to be expensive, but it can provide extremely good returns in both money and quality of life. Examples of courses that it may be worth taking fast loans for are, for example: driver’s licenses, adult education, university education and small courses. A good education is a big step towards a more well-paid job, which is a goal that may have been so worth taking a quick loan to reach.


When it comes to renovations, it is important to see the difference between renovations and renovations. Replacing the parquet floor or repainting the kitchen may have been a dream for a long time, but these are not things that it is worth taking a quick loan for. However, there are renovations that if not done now, will be much more expensive in the future. Typical examples of this are electricity and water damage. Hiring a plumber can be expensive, but there is nothing against renovating a water-damaged house.

Experiences – Is It Really Worth It?

Experiences - Is It Really Worth It?

Wealth is not always measured in money, living a rich life is valuable. But is it really worth the debt to experience something new? In most cases, it is better to make a budget and save money in the traditional way.

Examples of experiences and the like:


Who would say no to a trip to Bali for two weeks? The friends have already booked tickets and are waiting for you to buy yours. Maybe a quick loan is still worth it to go and party with his friends? But like a hangover, you get back to real life with anxiety, headaches and a lighter wallet. Travel comes and goes, but payment remarks persist.


Your beloved is celebrating years and you are planning to buy a really nice and romantic gift to show your love. The problem is that the price tag is a little too high and you forgot to save money in advance. A quick loan can solve any problem and give your better half an unforgettable day. But at the same time as you give your partner an extremely nice gift, you also give him extremely unfair service. Your partner now ends up in a debt-ridden relationship. Being indebted is stressful for both the borrower and the people around him. If you can’t afford to give someone an expensive gift, it might be better to make a beautiful, but cheap, gesture. Remember that it is the thought that counts.

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